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A Note From the Pastor

Welcome to our Services:

We would like to welcome you to our services today.  The Lord has been abundantly gracious toward each one of us and it is our prayer that He continues to bless and gide our steps each day.  As the Psalmist David said, "I was glad when they said unto me Let us go into the house of the Lord."  Psalm 122:1.  As we have come to worship the Lord let's approach Him with the attitude of the Old Testament writer, "Make they face to shine upon they servant; and teach me, thy statues."  Psalm 119:135.

Memorial Day Weekend:

We are celebrating Memorial Day this weekend in our nation so we would like to give honor to those many soldiers who gave their life in service to our country.  Many have fought and died preserving the freedoms that we enjoy today.  I am sure that we would all agree that there is no greater freedom than to worship the Lord freely in church.  Today as we worship and give praise and thanksgiving to God, let's also remember to thank the Lord for those soldiers who have fought and died in order fo rus to be able to pray, preach, and worship or dear Savior.  Also, today we are having a little time of recognition for those who have served our country in the military.  We will also have performed today America-the-Beautiful on bells by our young people.

Passion Play Trip Fundraiser Wednesday Night... LAST ONE:

It has been a blessing for many of our young people to be able to get their way paid to the Passion Play by the dinner sales and by our Wednesday night meals.  This coming Wednesday night will be the last opportunity.  We hope you will come and enjoy the fellowship and the food and provide for a few more of our youth to get their tickets provided.  Thank you for ALL that you have done to help!


                                                                                                                                                                                Brother Harold

       Scriptures from Today

Matthew 12: 15-21


Bruised means:

Of all the hard hurtful times we go thru in life, God will not break us!

He will not break us but help us in our times of need.

Smoking flax:  

God will not let our fire go out.



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