Christmas with the Gomez Family in Mexico
Dear Bible Baptist Family -- We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for EVERYTHING that was given for the children and people of Michoacan. Thank you for your generousity! January 6th, "dia de reyes", we wentured out to a new community called Opopeo of Michoacan. We went out and invited the people of the community to come and they came. Over 100 children came with many adults. We preached the gospel, the children made crafts, and when all was done, 16 people came to Christ in this village. This does not include the many children who also made decisions. A door has been opened for us to continue to preach the gospel in this place and an opportunity to plant our 4th church in this part of Michoacan.
During the evening we headed to Chehuayito, this church was started las tyear during this time. We also had a great service with over 120 children and the new church in attendence. We preached the gospel and 12 trusted Christ for salvation.
The following day we went ot a colonia in Morelia and finished giving all the gifts. Four more people trusted Christ and 2 of those have already attended our church in Morelia.
Thank you for the sandals, crafts, tracks, gifts, glasses, but above all THANK YOU for loving the children of Michogan. Thank you for loving our family. Thank you for giving to the LORD!
Dios le bendiga,
Bro Gomez