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Bible Study & Children's Church
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Bible Study and Children's Church begin at 6:30 PM
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January 13, 2019

A Note From the Pastor

Sunday Night & Wednesday Services:

On Sunday evening we are about to finish a study in Hebrews 11.  There are seventeen people who are listed in that chapter that God identifies as hero's in faith.  We will finish tonight with a study in the life of Jephthae and then begin next Sunday evening looking at the life of David.  One of the most interesting lives in the scripture is that of David.  We hope you will bring your children to King's Kids on Sunday night ad also be reading * and ** Samuel as we look at the life of the great King of Israel

Also, we have been looking at the creation story in Genesis on Wednesday night.  With all the many discoveries that have been made in science in our modern culture it has been very interesting to see how God's Word confirms much of the true science that has been uncovered.

Young Timothy was warned b y Paul to avoid "opposition of science, falsely so called.."  * Timothy 6:20.  Also, Daniel and three Hebrew children had "understanding in science" when they were taken into captivity into Babylon.  Daniel 1:4.  The prophet Hosea has reminded us that, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6.

Let's do our best to come and study God's Word and be knowledgeable in His truth in order to live a godly life b before God and man!

King's Kids:

Last Sunday we had many of our children that were out of town for King's Kids.  We hope that tonight everyone will be back in their place a we start King's Kids for 2019.  Each Sunday evening our ladies and gentlemen sacrifice their time in the church services in order to help our children learn the Word of God.  We hope every parent will take advantage of the opportunities the church provides for your children in order to help them learn more about Christ.  Let's support King's Kids with our time and efforts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Brother Harold

Scriptures from Today

Proverbs 22: 28

"Landmarks of Faith"

28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

Why we do not remove landmarks:

1.  Gives a sense of identity.

2.  Establishes peace.

3.  Establish boundaries.

4.  Gives an inheritance.




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